Make-up: 6 tips for a perfect bridal look


Rule of thumb: nothing extra!

1. Let go of heavy make up to avoid the "mask" face.

Make sure you pass on that cover-it-all foundation to achieve the natural look without having to look a couple of years older (we don't want that, do we? :) ).

2. Makeup & hair rehearsals

Experiments are great - but on your special day it is best to rely on the look that you know suits you and that you are definitely going to like. Makeup and hair artists tend to do a wonderful job even without having to do the try-outs, but... just in case.

3. Contouring controversy

Please try to avoid the "Kim K style" contour if you want to look fresh and elegant for your wedding day; it honestly only looks good on the Instagram pictures. Fortunately, wedding is not just about the photographs!

On top of that, contouring doesn't last long and starts to fade after only a few hours (especially in the warm and humid weather conditions).

4. Nothing wrong with using false eyelashes!

Not too long ago false eyelashes meant having this funny looking glued-on strip that start falling off as the night unfolds. Today's versions are far more subtle, natural and durable, so dance on!

5. Lip tints are the way to go

What's a wedding without kisses? Our regular lipsticks are not ready to bear the weight of thousands of kisses, which means that you would have to reapply it every-so-often. Meh. To avoid that, use lip tints, that give you the perfect combination of color vibrance and durability. Tip: Korean brands are the best!

6. Be happy!

Happiest girls are the prettiest. No make up or hair artist can give you that sparkle that shines through your eyes, so make sure you have counted all your blessings and ready to shimmer with happiness on your special day.

Written by Veroday